Who we are?

At Media System, we have been successfully supporting our clients in multiplying profits and increasing the effectiveness of their activities for several years. We provide Business Process Outsourcing services focusing around Call Center Outsourcing and Sales Force Outsourcing. We work for leaders in their industries, basing our operation on extensive experience in running sales teams and call centers in both B2B and B2C contacts.

We are open to your suggestions and ready to implement even the most non-standard projects.

Company Mission

The mission of Media System is to provide the highest quality outsourcing services to clients representing various industries. Our task is to develop the client's business based on flexible cooperation, mutual trust and excellent information exchange. We know that creativity and reliability are the key to joint success. That is why we develop business solutions tailored to the currently changing market conditions in sales.

Kopia Kopia Kopia Bez tytu?u

Building a modern Contact Center is a task as important as building a well-coordinated team that reliably supports the client. For years I have been able to create a company based on trust and open cooperation. 

The community created by Media System employees is a team ready to take on any challenge.

What makes us special:


Over 10 years of experience in implementing effective sales campaigns and reliable customer service.

Comprehensive approach

We develop the best forms of reaching customers, discovering new areas of service.


We are involved in the project, monitoring its course, but also constantly initiating improvement of the process.


We operate professionally, effectively and ethically.

Our path to success

Find out more about the Call Center, i.e. a demanding business, but also one with great potential. Hear about successes, but also about failures, challenges and interesting solutions. Get to know the history of the company that overthrew the myth about the Call Center.

The phone is still at the top of the most important sales channels!

It would seem that today everyone focuses on online sales. However, it is worth remembering that the telephone is still one of the strongest remote sales channels. Listen to Łukasz Kurowski, sales director at Media System, talking about how to use this sales channel effectively and about its greatest advantages.

Wondering if Call Center is a solution for your company?

How to transfer part of customer service in the company to the telephone channel? How can you start selling over the phone in your company? Why is it worth selling over the phone, is it a solution for every company? Listen to Alicja Rasmus - Administrative Director at Media System

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