outsourcing contact center

We have extensive opportunities
Call Center


The service is addressed to companies looking for a new channel to reach the customer

Cross - selling

We sell products and services that are related or complementary to each other

Up - selling

We sell existing customers new products

Lead generation

We arrange meetings for Sales Representatives, collect orders, and examine potential customers' interest in the product


We accept and fulfill orders, we handle complaints, we run a helpdesk - technical customer support


We support marketing campaigns over the phone and conduct information campaigns

Debt collection

We contact the client in order to collect the Partner's receivables

Marketing research

We acquire knowledge about consumer preferences, e.g. in connection with the launch of a new product. We test customer satisfaction.


Live Chat

SMS and MMS campaigns

Email campaigns

Will handle complaints

We support

We support

We support payment processing

We support loyalty programs


We provide
dedicated team

We recruit the right people for the project, taking into account predispositions for a given activity

we train

We prepare Consultants and Leaders for work, as well as constantly monitor the level of knowledge of Consultants and motivate them to achieve the best possible results

We integrate the system partner with our

We integrate the internal call center work management system with the Client's platform

We provide technical service

We monitor processes and react to problems on an ongoing basis

We report

The partner receives current reports on the activities carried out, their form is built on the basis of the requirements provided to us, we also provide statistical reports containing information on the work of each consultant

Back Office

We record and register all conversations. At the Partner's request, it is possible to handle documentation dedicated to the project

Benefits of outsourcing Call Center

Improvement of the telephone customer service process by a team of professionals

Building a positive image of the company by providing hotline services and help desk at a sufficiently high level

An effective and quick way to reach the customer in the form of telemarketing activities

Retaining the customer and increasing his trust in the company through various types of cross / up-selling activities

Having an additional, efficient sales channel