Outsourcing Contact Center

  • Efficient customer contact channel

  • Increased area of effect

  • Better sales results

  • Professional customer support

NPS - Satisfaction survey

    • Selection of research method
    • Collected data giving you an advantage
    • Customer knowledge
    • Competitive differentiator

Do you need support for remote support of your customers? Count on a partner with the experience to guide you through uncertain times.


With us you will be ready for crisis situations and you will feel safe! 

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Ensures continuity of customer service
and save you
before falling sales:

  • It will accept calls from the representative's phone,

  • It will handle contacts from the Hotline,

  • It will enter orders into your CRM system,

  • He will conduct telephone promotional campaigns, surveys, collect orders,

  • We will increase the efficiency of your business even during a pandemic.


Ensures continuity of customer service
and will keep it
on the highest level:

  • It will handle calls from your Patients/Clients,

  • Will handle complaints,

  • She will manage the Calendar of meetings/visits,

  • Will conduct information campaigns
    about your services and carry out promotional campaigns,

  • We will increase the efficiency of your business even during a pandemic.
Take care of your customer service,
and you can take care of it
with your business:

  • It will perform predetermined tasks remotely,

  • It will handle chat, email, helpline,

  • It will enter data into your CRM system and help you co-create new databases,

  • Will test your application and the system you use,

  • With it, your business can feel safe even in the process pandemic.

Why work with us
is it an advantage for your business?