Diversification of projects as a development path for a company from the Contact Center industry

Media System started its adventure on the Bydgoszcz Contact Center market in 2011. The past decade was a period of dynamic growth of the company and a gradual but consistent change of image from a small, local player to a thriving organization that shares its knowledge and experience with the industry - for example on its own YouTube channel (Business on Headphones). We will talk about the prospects for further development with the director of telecommunications and sales projects, Sebastian Dudziński.

Sebastian, we say all the time that we have become a large organization from a small player. What does it look like in numbers?

We currently support twelve projects in several industries - e.g. telecommunications, insurance and banking. We have never been afraid of new challenges, which is why we decided to cooperate with many partners. I think we gained a lot of much-needed experience thanks to that. It is a great success for us and a distinction that so many companies have trusted us - especially since we had humble beginnings. We only handled one telecommunications project. As far as I know, many companies in the Call Center industry base their activities on cooperation with one large partner. We went a different way.

Handling multiple projects is a distinction, but also a challenge. What does cooperation with many partners give us as an organization?

I would consider the benefits of choosing this development path in two ways. Firstly, thanks to diversification, we are a company with solid foundations. Our functioning is not dependent on a single project, which allows us to take bolder steps on the market and actively introduce innovations in the industry. This is a big business advantage, I would say it is our main competitive advantage. Our subsequent partners can sleep peacefully entrusting us with the service of their clients, because we have extensive experience and a solid base on which we build the company.

Our employees also benefit from the multitude of projects. As I said, we are not dependent on one project, we are constantly trying to find new partners, thanks to which we are a reliable and trustworthy employer. The truth is that anyone who wants to learn and take up new challenges has a chance to find a permanent job at Media System. Our recruitment is aimed at a wide range of people, thanks to which we have managed to build an organization based on diversity. And as you know, it is in such an atmosphere that the best ideas are born.

That's true. However, in order for the diversity you are talking about to bring beneficial effects, it is necessary to ensure not only a good atmosphere in the workplace, but also to match the competences and interests of employees to the right position. how are you dealing with this?

A separate article prepared by the Marketing and HR District will be published soon. In short, we can do it thanks to the multitude of projects. Already at the recruitment stage, our HR Department examines the candidate's disposition and on this basis we can determine which project will suit him best. It is very common that someone makes an appointment for an interview, wanting to work on the hotline, and after talking to our HR, decides to go for sale. It also happens the other way around – someone wants to work on a sales project, but we see that they are not predisposed to it. Such a person also has a chance to find employment with us, because we can offer them a job on another project - for example, a helpline.

Cyclic training and experience gained in the course of work cause that the employee has a natural need for development. Support for many projects allows us to implement not only a business strategy based on innovation and the search for proprietary solutions, but also to implement the goal that we set ourselves at the time of the company's establishment - creating opportunities. Each employee can make an appointment with the HR District and talk about their development within the company.

I am glad that you referred to this year's Media System slogan - Together We Create Possibilities. What feedback do you receive from the Call Center room? Do employees feel supported by the company?

Every year, we organize evaluation surveys in which each employee can comment on virtually any topic related to their work or the functioning of Media System as a whole. Referring to the topic we discussed earlier - the diversity of employees, which results from handling many projects - the atmosphere at work is basically always the best evaluated parameter. This is due, among other things, to the good matching of people who work on one project. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and we can direct them to a team where they will be able to use their strengths.

Recently, we have been focusing heavily on the development of soft skills and those related to the interests of employees, and not typically work-related. Various trainings are held in the company - recently there was first aid, and previously relaxation techniques. On our company YouTube channel, Business on Headphones, we decided to show our team from a private side. Employees are waiting for new episodes to watch colleagues and learn something new at the same time. People who appear in films have the opportunity to present themselves and their passion to a wide audience.

We do not forget about strictly professional matters in all this. We recruit internally for many positions. If we see potential and willingness to develop in someone, such an employee has a chance to be promoted to a leader, and later to a coordinator. He can also choose a development path in the company's administration. A lot of employees, e.g. in the Back Office department, come from the handset. The Training Department is basically based entirely on people who took their first steps in our Call Center room. 2/3 of the current HR composition comes from internal recruitment, the same percentage of people employed in our marketing started in Media System with an internship.

Every time I see that internal recruitment is being conducted for a position, I am happy because I know that our team will surely find the right person for this position.

Thank you for the conversation.